Avélére’s Design Pick of the Week

Help yourself to great design ideas from around the Internet with our new feature!

At Avélére we’re really passionate about all things design. That is why we always make sure to share any great things we see from other designers with you. Helping people discover their next favourite designer is one of our favourite things to do!

We’re excited to bring you our latest feature on the Avélére Tips & Tricks blog, Avélére’s Design Pick of the Week! We’ve explored the corners of the Internet and found some great pieces from other designers that we think you will love as much as we do, so sit back and get ready for our Design Pick of the Week!


Our Pick of the Week this week comes from Wooden Expectit, all the way from Washington in the United States. As you might expect, they deal with all things wood, but here at Avélére is their “Rustic Wood Jewellery Hanger”.


Avélére's Design Pick of the Week: A Fantastic Natural Wood Jewellery Hanger from Wooden Expectit

Avélére’s Design Pick of the Week: A Fantastic Natural Wood Jewellery Hanger from Wooden Expectit


Made from solid wood, the rustically designed piece has five glass hooks for hanging jewellery pieces as well as a convenient shelf for storing other items. The glass hooks are great not only for storing your necklaces but also for showing off the pieces at the same time!

So what do we like about this piece at Avélére? Obviously, we like it because it’s simple! The piece is just wood and glass, so nothing to distract the eye from your great necklaces that you are displaying. By keeping the wood showing the guys at Wooden Expectit have managed to create a natural looking piece of design, which can go well in a lot of different settings. If you are looking for an open plan or display piece then this jewellery hanger would work really well, and it’s a steal at only $25! If you are planning to use any of our Avélére products in your house or store, then it is definitely worth considering this piece for displaying your jewellery too.

You can buy the item on Etsy by clicking HERE, or you if you really love the idea and want to find more then you can see Wooden Expectit whole product range by clicking HERE.

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