Fantastic DIY Jewellery Hanger

Hello! So today I thought we would try something different. Anyone interested in a bit of DIY?! Don’t be so negative, you can do it!

We have found a great piece on French blog “La Marche Eclectique” (see it here) which is so funky that we just had to share it with you!

Check out these pictures and why not give it a go yourself? Ne parlent pas français? No problem, at the bottom if this page we have translated the instructions into English for you!

La Marche Eclectique

La Marche Eclectique

La Marche Eclectique

La Marche Eclectique

La Marche Eclectique

All image credits to Marche Eclectique.


You will need:

– Plastic animals

– A piece of wood

– Glue

– Spray paint

– A pencil

– A saw



– Draw a line down the middle of the wooden board

– Cut the animals in half with the saw

– Glue the animals along the centre line of the wood evenly spaced and allow to dry

– Spray paint everything and get ready to hang your Jewellery!


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