Introducing The Avélére Hanging Clothing Racks

We have been working really hard at Avélére over the past couple of months to bring together a really cool idea we had. Since moving into a new house a few months back I have been doing a lot of decorating, but instead of buying pre-built furniture I have been trying to experiment and create new pieces. And this is where the Avélére Hanging Clothes Rack has come from. I use one of the early prototypes as my wardrobe at home, but I am pleased to announce that we have got a great new design that has been refined to give you simplicity.

Available soon in Wood and Metal

Our Hanging Clothes Racks will be available in two different designs. Firstly, the Wooden Clothes Rack, which uses a pine pole hung with 2 industrial style chains and supported by two rings.


Avélére Wooden Hanging Clothes Rack

The Avélére Wooden Hanging Clothes Rack


This is the type I use in my house, and I absolutely love it. I can honestly say I have never met anyone with a similar design in their home. We source our wood from a small family-run timber merchants in Lancashire and other parts from several independently run UK businesses. It is important for us that we trust our partners and know them personally so we can be sure the materials we use are of the highest quality.

The Wooden Clothes Rack will initially be available in two lengths, 1 meter and 1.4 meter, however if you contact our team we may be able to supply larger sizes depending on your needs.


Our second design is the Metal Clothes Rack, which will be available in a range of different finishes. We will initially be able to offer Chrome, Brass and Brushed finishes, all of which will be available to see on our website shortly.


Avélére Brass Hanging Clothes Rack

Avélére Brass Hanging Clothes Rack


The Metal Clothes Rack is inspired by all of the DIYers we meet across the UK when we are researching new products. They often help us with our ideas and pass on little tips that we can then let you all know about. Unlike the Wooden Clothes Rack, the Metal uses a cable to suspend its self above the floor which threads through the centre of the pole. The metal look can be quite striking in a room often contrasting well with the timber which dominates most rooms.

Available for Pre-Order via our Store

The Metal Clothes Rack will initially be available at a length of 1.22 meters, however other lengths will be introduced at a later date and may be possible to arrange before hand by contacting our team. These racks don’t only look great at home, but work fantastically in stores, so if you are considering giving your shop a makeover then get in touch and our team can help you to create a beautiful display! All of our clothing racks are delivered as kits with simple and easy to follow instructions for assembly in your home. Our team will also be making instructional videos over the next few weeks which will give you step by step instructions on how to set up your Clothing Rack.


And there we have it! We hope you are as excited as we are for the Clothing Racks to go on sale. They are available pre-order in our store right now and will be available for delivery in July 2014, we will keep you updated for the exact date.


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Introducing the Avélére Shoe Pedestal

So we are going to start our blog by introducing you to our very first product, the Avélére Shoe Pedestal!

Now instead of just rambling on about the features of the product or this and that, we have done things slightly differently. This post is actually an interview of the two founders of Avélére, more precisely Nigel asking the questions and Guro giving the answers. So lets find out what they think about Avélére’s first product!

Nigel: Hi Guro, how are you doing today?

Guro: Hi! Fantastic thanks, its a Monday morning and I am raring to go this week!

Nigel: Thats what I like to hear! So to start us off, can you tell me what inspired you to come up with the Avélére shoe pedestals?

Guro: Well, I’ve always had an obsession for designer heels, the more extravagant the better! I find it can seem just a little bit too much to get one of these pairs out simply for a trip to the supermarket or for a walk and so more often than not they end up just sitting in my closet. I wanted to put an end to this, because its such a waste of beautiful shoes and not to mention money just leaving them sitting there. The whole concept is that so much time and effort has gone into the design of these shoes that they are a work of art, so why not display them like art? And that is where the pedestal came from. Now it doesn’t matter whether I buy shoes that I am never going to wear, because they end up as a display in my house instead. Its quite dangerous though, now there is nothing to stop me buying more!


2 Flat Black Avelere


Nigel: Ha, Worrying times! So what do you think makes the shoe pedestals so unique?

Guro: Well, we are currently we are selling two different versions of the Shoe Pedestal; Sloped and Horizontal. I think they’re both great and unique for any home. They are made of thick acrylic to give them strength and have gone through several rounds of prototyping on order to end up with the result you see today! I think they’re so fantastic because they are so simplistic, unobtrusive and do nothing to draw the attention away from the artwork; the heels. I also think it’s great that we are offering two different versions which you can mix and match in-between and create a personalised wall of heels! Remember that it is not we here at Avélére who create the unique part of the Shoe Pedestal, it’s you! Have fun experimenting!

Nigel: Great! So can you tell me something about how and where the products are made?

Guro: Sure. Well all of our Avélére shoe pedestals are currently made in Canterbury in the UK by a top quality manufacturer who I have been working with for a few years now. Having spent a lot of time working with them in the past I know the quality and attention to detail they put into all of their work and it gives me great confidence in the Avélére product. The pedestals themselves are made using a laser cutting machine to give a precise outline and are then finished by hand in the workshop to make sure every single one is up to the standards we expect. From there it’s just a matter of getting them out to the lucky people who buy one!

Nigel: Sounds like they are made with a lot of love then?!

Guro: Yeh! I think it’s really important that everyone involved with the projects really buys into it and gives there all, and luckily thats what is happening.

Nigel: And for you personally, what is the best bit about working for Avélére?

Guro: Hmm. There are actually two bits that I enjoy most I think. Firstly, the challenge of coming up with really unique and different products that will really make a difference to people’s lives. It is so exciting to see an idea transform from a first concept on paper into a prototype and then into a finished product. Then secondly, the challenge of growing Avélére as a company. I always think you can have the best products in the world, but if you don’t do the right things around this then people will never enjoy them. I answer all of the customer questions myself because I really think offering great customer service is essential to having not only happy customers, but a happy company. I guess all in all I enjoy everything I do here, except making the coffee sometimes!




Nigel: Ha, well I can’t do it all of the time! So how do you feel about the future for Avélére?

Guro: Honestly, I am really excited! The shoe pedestals are just the start of the whole Avélére project and there are so many things we want to do. Our concept is quite simple; to create a range of different products which allows the consumer to create an open planned wardrobe displaying their clothes instead of hiding all of their gems. My dreams is to see this trend catch on in all different areas of the world! We have several new products coming within the next couple of months; an amazing hanging clothes rack and a very unique shoe rack for holding up to 5 pairs of shoes, so keep a close eye on these as I believe they could be great of any home!

Nigel: Great stuff. Well that is the final question, so thanks a lot for answering these and lets hope they work out well in a blog post!

Guro: My pleasure! And I am sure you will make them work!

So, there we have it, Guro’s thoughts on Avélére’s first products and the fact that she doesn’t like to make the coffee. If you have any questions for either of us then feel free to drop in a comment or send us an e-mail to, and we will endeavour to get back to you with the best possible answer!

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So have a great day and until next time, goodbye!