11 Most Hilarious Interior Design Ideas

We’re not always serious here at Avélére, so lets have a look at the lighter side of design!

Who wants to have a serious hose anyway?! Why not check out these crazy design ideas we have found from around the internet, you never know, they could work in your house too!

#1 – Anyone a Pacman addict?

#2 – Design making you hungry?

#3 – Just like a trip to the dentist

#4 – This just doesn’t look safe

#5 – Escape the rat race

#6 – Get a fast paced career?

#7 – Or you could stay in bed forever!

#8 – Enjoyed Sea World just a little bit too much?

#9 – How about a change of perspective?

#10 – Is this really necessary!

#11 – And finally, DUCK!

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Welcome to the Avélére Blog

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first ever post on the Avélére Blog, letting you in on our little tips & tricks for showing off your clothes around the home! We really want to help everybody who reads this blog to get some great ideas which can you improve the homes you live in. If you ever have any questions or want to tell us about the projects you are currently working on the please do get in touch and we will talk to you personally and try to help out.

Thanks a lot for swinging by and we hope you enjoy the other posts we write in the future!


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