The 5 Keys to Creating an Attractive Boutique Display

Here at Avélére we place a lot of emphasis on creating beautiful displays in people’s homes, but we also know what makes your store tick. The way you present what you sell is often the difference between success and failure, and with a few simple rules you can make sure to tick all of the customers boxes.


#1 – Be Bold with Colours, Shapes and Lighting

Customers eyes aren’t attracted to monochromatic displays, so make sure to use some bright and bold colours to make your display stand out. Contrasting red against black or white can work wonders, as does grouping 2-3 colours together. Combine the colours with bold shapes too and create something customers can see from a distance. Once you have your colours and shapes in order then get the lights out, the brighter the better. Focus on the angles you use to avoid shadows, which can make the display look poorly planned. A good tip is to use lights to highlight focal points rather than hang them from directly above, as this emphasises the points you are after and helps to avoid those pesky shadows.


#2 – Update Your Displays often and Keep it Seasonal

Don’t let your customers get bored with your displays, try to surprise them by changing things around at least every month. New stock often sells the quickest, so look to put it in a prominent place, and once you get more new stock in then switch the positions around. Giving your store a seasonal theme can also help to show your customers that you care about more than just sales. Hearts for Valentine’s Day, eggs for Easter and brooms for Halloween don’t cost the earth but might just give your customers the welcome feeling they need to make a purchase.

Harrods Seasonal Window Display

A Harrods Seasonal Window Display


#3 – Tell a Story

Try to match your boutiques display with something relevant to your brand or store, and find a way to tell a story. Whether you try to re-create Cinderella with a ball theme and a glass slipper or want to try something simpler like a walk in the park, a story gets your customers more engaged with your products and makes them more hands on. The Harvard Business Review reports that customers spent on average 43% more after handling a product, so get people involved with your story and get tactile!


#4 – Put Price Tags on EVERYTHING

No-one likes to ask how much something costs, so don’t make them! Make sure that you have price tags on every single item in your store and try to make them easy to find. A great idea for smaller stores is to even price the display pieces themselves. You will be surprised how often people are interested in buying store furniture for their homes, after all, who said boutiques are the only places where people can show off their clothes?


#5 – Keep it Simple

Don’t clutter your windows and don’t clutter your displays. Everyone is familiar with the saying “quality over quantity”, and this applies to your boutique. Customers associate a product that demands its own space with quality, whilst a bunch of products thrown together in a small space screams of something that you aren’t proud of. Think of a Louis Vuitton or Chanel store, each and every one of their items is displayed separately to suggest they have the quality to stand-alone. These tactics aren’t just for the big brands though, try them in your boutique and see the difference it makes!

Louis Vuitton Keeping it Simple

Louis Vuitton Keeping it Simple

So there you have it, the 5 Keys to Creating Attractive Boutique displays. If you enjoyed this article then check out our 9 Reasons Why and Open Plan Wardrobe will Improve your Life!