Nigel on Growing a Successful Business

I think it is time that we told you a bit more about ourselves here at Avélére, about what we stand for and what we aim to achieve.

So, here goes!

I am Nigel Westwood, Co-Founder of Avélére. I spend about 16 hours a day thinking about how to grow Avélére into a brilliant, creative place that empowers people to create beautiful things. I have been working in the creative industry for about a year now and there are still so many things I need to learn.

“Whatever you hear about banking…running a small business is 100 times more challenging”

My background is rather different from where I am right now, in business and finance. I hold a Degree in Business Administration and used to work in finance before changing direction and trying to create something for myself. And let me tell you, whatever you hear about banking or city work, running a small business is 100 times more challenging!

“I would deliver all of our products myself if I could”

The challenges of growing Avélére change every day, and that is something I really love. Every time one of our fantastic customers buy from us I get excited, I want to know what they think about the products we are creating, I want to go and meet them and ask, honestly, I would deliver all of our products myself if I could, just to hear what they think about us. And this is the essence of small business. I live and breathe Avélére. Every up and every down with the company I feel too.

I believe many people don’t really understand the benefits of working with a small business. We often find that people prefer to go with the company who has 100 staff or has a huge factory instead of working with the small guys, and this is something I just can’t understand. When you work with a small company you are getting direct access to its soul. Instead of dealing with someone on an hourly rate who just wants to do their job, you are getting someone who has put their heart into growing, developing and creating something out of nothing, and I just don’t believe you can compete with that.

“I want us to keep giving people the coolest, weirdest and most beautiful display products we can”

My dream is to grow Avélére. I want us to keep giving people the coolest, weirdest and most beautiful display products we can. It’s not about making sales or money, sure, as a company we need to do this, but Avélére is really about more. It is about showing who we are as an individual, being open with the world and wanting to put ourselves in the spotlight. But above everything else Avélére is about asking why? Why do we do things the way we do? Why can’t we do things this way? Why is that the norm? Why not something else? And this is what I want people to buy into. The concept of why.

So if you are someone who is thinking about starting their own business, maybe you already run one, or maybe you just came here to buy a beautiful display piece, whatever the case, when you do it make sure to these two things. One, pour your heart into what you do and really mean it, give 100%. Two, ask why? Challenge what people expect and keep trying to come up with something different and better. When we do this, anything is possible.

And there you have it, what I want from Avélére.